Lawn Care

Routine lawn maintenance
setting the standard

With years of experience maintaining foreclosed homes we are now offering the public affordable no frills grass cuts.
We are offering a green alternative to lawn care, saving you green and helping the environment at the same time by mulching you're lawn.
mulching will:
    •Reduce the time we spend with youre lawn clippings, saving you money.
    •Save fuel and landfill space, we wont be driving youre clippings to the landfill.
    •Returns moisture and nutrients to the lawn
    •May leave clippings on top of the grass that generally dry up and disappear.
We offer weekly and bi weekly lawn care service in Walla Walla and College Place,specializing in low cost maintenance.
give us a email text or call 509-730-5040

initial lawn service
setting the standard

we offer initial lawn service if its 10 inches tall or 10 feet tall we can handle it!